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arabian cook : Meat Pastry Rolls

Delicious meat pastries.
3 cups all purpose (plain) flour
1 egg
1 tspn salt
¾ cup water
4 cups vegetable oil
400 g (14 oz) finely minced meat
3 onions, finely chopped
1 tspn salt
a dash of Lebanese ground 7 spices
2 tbls shortening or butter
2 tbls fried pine nuts
1 tbls ground sumac
1 tbls pomegranate thickened juice (if
Mix flour, egg, salt, and water.
Knead well, until dough is firm.
Put vegetable oil in a deep tray.
Divide dough into small balls
(walnut size). Put them in the
tray and make sure they are
covered with oil. Cover with a
piece of texture and leave aside
for 4 hours.
Fry onion in shortening until
golden. Add minced meat,
allspice and salt and fry over
medium heat for 15 minutes.
Stir, fried pine nuts, sumac, and
pomegranate juice into meat.
Preheat oven (200°C ) for half an
hour before you put the
Put one dough ball on an oiled
board and spread it using your
finger-tips to form a very thin
Fold to form half a rectangle,
then fold from right to left.
Place 1 tbls of filling across one
side of the squares.
Fold the other side to cover filling, and press to
Arrange in an oven tray. Bake at (200°C) for 30
Serve hot or cold with yoghurt or salads.


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