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arabian cook : Saudi Arabian Rice and Meat

arabian cook : Saudi Arabian Rice and Meat

Kapsé, is a Saudi Arabian main
2 ½ kg (80 oz) lamb leg or shoulder
meat, large cubes
4 cups long grain rice
½ kg (16 oz) carrots, peeled and finely
1 green pepper, seeded and finely
½ kg (16 oz) green peas
1 kg (32 oz) red tomatoes, peeled and
1 kg (32 oz) finely chopped onion
1 medium sized garlic head, peeled
and crushed
½ tspn ground saffron
¼ tspn ground cardamom
½ tspn ground cinnamon
½ tspn ground allspice
¼ tspn ground white pepper
1 tbls salt
shortening for frying
Fried almonds and pine nuts for
Fry meat pieces till brown from
both sides. Cover with water,
bring to a boil then cook gently
over medium heat for 2 hours or
till tender. Reserve stock.
Soak rice for 15 minutes. Drain,
wash well, then drain again.
Add shortening to a pot, fry on
medium heat all ingredients
except rice and meat. Cook on
low heat for about 10 minutes,
or until tender.
Add rice to vegetables in pot,
stir fry for 4 minutes on medium
heat. Add stock meat until stock
covers rice. Cover pot. Cook on
low heat for 30 minutes or until
Serve rice in a large platter.
Garnish with meat, almonds, and
pine nuts.


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